MS Word Customization

Our MS Word Customization services are more than just codes; our MS Word developers spend enough time to understand your requirements to deliver good solutions to make your business efficient. Then our MS Word experts customize your Word file to meet your requirements.

MS Word Automation

Microsoft Word have sophisticated tools such as Macro (VBA) programming to automate word files. Our MS Word consultants research how to make your tasks on Word automated. We apply the solutions and your tasks can be done by a click of a button.

Microsoft Word Repair

Having problems in your current Word File?
Our MS Word consultants can help you to study your Word file, find issues and fix it. Once trouble shooting is done, our Word experts test your file to make sure no frustration happens again.

Spend time on fixig or value your more important things?
Just Believe in our MS Word Experts to Save Your Time.



MS Word Consulting

Our company started in 2013 offering MS Word consultation and macro programming. With years of experience, our Word experts are pleased to identify good solutions thru studying your needs and goals. Our MS Word consultants focus on customization of Word to ease your business.

  • Cost Effective
  • Customized to Your Needs

MS Word Design

Design matters. A good looking and easy to understand file has significant impact on readers. Our MS Word designers understand your needs and goals and design a Word file to present your idea in a neat and clear matter.

  • Good looking design
  • Easy to understand


First Step: Our MS Word consultants initially listen to you, understand the requirements and plan a roadmap. We collect your feedback regarding the planned solution and apply your feedback on it.

Design & Development

Second Step: Once planning phase is done, our MS Word experts design the solution based on the plan and develop it. Our programmers write VBA/Macro to automate a file and use design tools to produce professional Word files.


Third Step: Our job is not done yet! Our Word consultants provide support after the development to make sure the quality is as what was already planned. Customer service matters.

Our Microsoft Office Consulting Clients

Jim Pattison - Inventory Web Application Client
Excel/VBA Client
BCRTC - Scheduling Web Application Client
Urban System
Client for Excel Customization
Client for Excel Customization
Client for Excel Customization
MS Excel Vancouver Client
RHA - Website Design
Client for Excel Automation
Client for Excel Automation
Client for Excel Customization

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