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At MSExcelVancouver.com (BSUPERIOR SYSTEM LTD.), we are Microsoft Excel developers, and we primarily focus on Microsoft Excel consultation and automation. Our consultants help you and your organization to avoid manual entry and tasks by creating automated solutions fit to your needs.


We specialize in Microsoft Excel Programming & Customization, we see more than just codes; we follow our development process by first understanding what our clients' needs are and based on the needs we do a consultation and develop a plan that leads to perfect solution through Macro/VBA programing. That is why our developers have fine-tuned our expertise at providing the best MS Excel solutions precisely designed by our experts to help small and medium sized businesses.


Do you find yourself doing the same task over and over every time you need to create a report or do a calculation or complete a process on Excel? Use Macro or VBA to help you automate your tasks. Instead of spending time on routine daily tasks, have time to work on things that matter. Our developers could automate and minimize your daily tasks. MS Excel has sophisticated tools for task automation. Our consultants create buttons that with one click could save you considerable amount of time.


Excel has ability to perform sophisticated functions which could help you handle lots of your complicated calculations, reports and analysis involved in your business. It is easy to run into errors and problems with your Excel worksheets. Our programmers can help you find errors and we will program your Excel workbook to be dynamic. Our developers write VBA/Macro functions that can be used as formulas, functions, buttons and tasks in Excel spreadsheets.

Recent Works

QuickBooks & Excel

The Excel sheet created in this project is used to analyze the pricing data imported from QuickBooks. The analyzed pricing data is imported back to QuickBooks.

Commission Calculator

A calculator in Excel is created to measure the tiered commissions of employees in a commercial real estate company. Also, it creates visual reports such as income graphs.

Inventory Calculator

We created an Excel workbook which is automated to organize all sales and group them. The workbook also finds some financial terms such as total sales, percentages, pour cost etc.

Error Finding

This project was about fixing bugs in some formulas in a mortgage calculator. The formula had some Mathematical issues which by our Mathematical background we could find the bugs and fix them.

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At MSExcelVancouver.com (BSUPERIOR SYSTEM LTD.), our consultants are proud to provide Microsoft Excel services to small-mid size business in Vancouver and all over Canada. Feel free to contact us for a free estimate on your assignment.

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Cleanness, efficiency and accuracy are the keys in programming. Following standard procedure also minimize the confusion in understanding codes. Coding is an art!

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