About OurMicrosoft Experts

BSUPERIOR SYSTEM LTD. provides custom Excel services to a varied size of businesses. We are also specialized in the customization of the programs of Microsoft Office and Macro (VBA) programming. We also develop custom Web and Mobile applications. Our Excel developers provide businesses with custom Excel solutions such as tracking systems, inventory management, scheduling, client management, estimation, bookkeeping, sales and transaction management, invoicing and project management.


Our name “BSUPERIOR” consists of two parts, “B” and “SUPERIOR”. It stands for both “Business Superior” and “Be Superior”. The name reminds us to be a business superior while providing services to our clients. In addition, we are aiming to be a superior in the solutions that we offer.

  • Excellence, in collaboration between our team and clients.
  • Achievement, to be our client's top priority in their tech problem solving.
  • Success, in delivering quality services.
  • Customization, tailored fit business tech-solutions.
bSuperior System Ltd. Custom Solutions

Meet Our Team

We celebrate the power of collaboration and teamwork. We have variety of expertise in our team of experts from business solutions providers to developers

Sajad (CJ) Seifian

Business Development Manager

Hajir Hoseini

System Analyst

Dmitry Morozov

Business Analyst

Dominic Vogel

Cyber Security Expert

Bishoy Riad

Digital Marketing Specialist

Himeh Hosseini

Quality Assurance

Ethan Chen

Business Relationship Manager

Joseph Simon

Business Relationship Manager

Mehrdad Mozafari

UX/UI Designer

Ahmad Dabiri

Staff Coordinator

BSUP Mobil


Our Contacts

Contact us today at +1 (778) 891-2769 and speak with one our team members.