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At BSUPERIOR SYSTEM LTD., our Excel developers are specialized in Excel spreadsheet customization and automation. Contact our Montréal office to make a free consultation appointment.

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How our Excel Experts in Montréal Benefit You?

Our MS Excel Advising and Customizations services are most prominent with civil and mechanical engineering firms in Montréal. Dozens of administrative services in these engineering firms count on disseminated and organized databases in these firms to establish more efficient business operations in these sectors. Excel customization and consultation in the finance sector in Montréal are other top-tailored services we provide. Automated Excel spreadsheets created by BSUPERIOR has helped to administer hundreds of employee portfolios across diverse finance and engineering firms in Montréal. With the dozens of startup companies in these expanding engineering and finance sectors in the Greater Montréal area, BSUPERIOR had helped new companies become lead visionaries in Montréal with our revolutionary Excel Customization and SharePoint Services.

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Real Estate Tool

Our Excel experts made an extension for Argus Software in Excel which import and analyze data. Additionally, our Excel designers created charts and diagrams for visual representation.

Organizing Entries

Our Excel consultants designed a dashboard on Excel to list and organize clients. Additional functionalities like reminding important date are implemented in this Excel Workbook.

Inspector Checklist

A cabinet company need an automated checklist while doing an inspection. A checklist on Excel were designed by our Excel experts to save their time.

Construction Estimating

An Excel workbook is developed for construction estimating. Other tasks such as billing, project summary, cash allowance and change order are supported in this workbook.

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What Excel Services Do We Offer in Montréal?

Nowhere is Canada software engineering sector more prominent than in Canada's second largest metropolitan area, Montréal. From civil, mechanical or process engineering, BSUPERIOR SYSTEM LTD. is at the forefront of developing small and medium sized firms and creating unique project administrative Excel spreadsheets and intertwining data between programmed applications in these companies. Dozens of engineering firms are opening annually in the Greater Montréal area, and the prominent finance sector and with the Montréal Exchange operating internationally, BSUPERIOR SYSTEM LTD. is automating established financial firms with efficiency in managing their own client portfolios, with the power of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Considering this, our Excel experts provide the following Excel services,

  • Excel Customization & Consultation
  • VBA & Macro Automation
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How Do We Provide Excel Consulting in Montréal?

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Our Excel consultants and experts in Montréal are fully bilingual, meaning they’re able to help automate or customize your Excel spreadsheets software in English, French and beyond. While engineering and finance firms are core businesses initiatives with our Excel consultants and experts in Montréal, our clients are familiarized with the cultural traits unique to Montréal, including the many existing resource industries already here. Parallel to the Montréal Oil Refining Centre, BSUPERIOR SYSTEM LTD. has attracted clients in the resource centre because of our own consultants working with mining corporations. By automizing and customizing Excel spreadsheets to create reliable reporting tools and analytical prediction tools that generate huge profits for these companies, BSUPERIOR SYSTEM LTD. is the best choice for these small and medium sized businesses in Montréal.

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