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At BSUPERIOR SYSTEM LTD., our Excel experts and developers are specialized in customizing and automating Excel spreadsheets. Contact our Excel developers to make a free consultation appointment.

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Nowhere is the resource sector more pronounced as Calgary. Economically, Alberta has a huge gas and oil sector. While diversifying, BSUPERIOR SYSTEM LTD. is part of the transitioning process towards other energy resource found in Calgary. From creating reporting Excel charts to evaluation complex Excel files in leading energy sectors, BSUPERIOR SYSTEM LTD. is helping resource sectors of all types in Calgary's growing economy.

  • We automate your Excel file with a click of button
  • We save your time and eliminate your manual Excel tasks
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Construction Tasks

This Excel file includes daily forms storing daily information such as tasks, hours, ratio and material cost. With a click of button, a monthly report of tasks will be generated.

QuickBooks & Excel

Our Excel consultants designed a workbook which analyzes the pricing data imported from QuickBooks. The analyzed pricing data is imported back to QuickBooks.

Speedometer on Excel

Speedometers are a useful tool to emphasize and visualize the values. This Excel workbook produces reports including charts, data tables and speedometers.

Cost Calculation

User inputs data in the designated Excel tables and with a click of a button, calculations are executed automatically. Finally, the results are exported to PDF.

Edmonton & Excel Services


Edmonton is the regional economic area for manufacturing in Alberta, and a prominent financial hub for Canadian institutions. From automating Excel spreadsheets in the finance industry, to our Excel consulting help get rid of your daily meticulous tasks, simplifying client portfolios means easier management for Edmonton’s financial companies.

  • We customize your Excel to meet your requirements
  • We provide consultation to improve your Excel spreadsheets.
  • We troubleshoot and repair your broken Excel spreadsheet
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