Construction Estimating in Microsoft Excel Sheet

Our Excel experts created an Excel Workbook for construction job estimation. Please Contact us to request a demo.

This workbook contains the following sheets,

  • Client Info Sheet: Information such as client name, address, job # and billing date are entered in this sheet. Every other cell in other sheets containing client info is automatically updated.
  • Estimation Sheet: Every job has multiple phases and divisions with a specific cost, such as Professional Fees, Permit & Connection Fees, Site Overhead and Sitework. In this sheet, all estimated costs are categorized.
  • Project Summary: This sheet is a summary of all estimations recorded on Estimation sheet.
  • Other sheets are cash allowance, payment schedule, change orders and billing sheets.

  • Excel, Construction Estimation
  • Construction Estimating
  • Billing
  • Change Order
  • Client Info Sheet
  • Payment Sheet
  • Project Summary
  • Excel
  • VBA

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