Broken Excel Repair

Is Your Excel Spreadsheet File Broken?

  • How to troubleshoot problems in Excel?
  • Are you looking for to repair your Excel file designed by another developer?
  • Are some of the functionalities broken and not working as it used to be?
  • Do you get VBA error while executing some macro?

We are experience in troubleshooting. Our consultants can help you to study your Excel sheets, find issues and fix it to meet your requirements. Please feel free to contact us to start the repair right away.

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Our Steps to Repair Your Broken Excel Spreadsheets

STEP 1: Overall Understanding

Initially we spent time to understand the overall functionalities in your file. For example, what the Excel file is doing. To do this, we setup an interview with you and play around the Excel file to get some ideas what does it do.

STEP 2: Information Gathering

Next step, we setup another interview to collect information regarding the problems with the file and how it's not working as you require to be.

STEP 3: Studying the File

Then, we study how the file is designed and how it does the functionalities we gathered on the previous step. To do this, we study VBA code, formulas, diagrams, data flows and any useful piece of information which helps us in detecting the problem.

STEP 4: Debugging

At this stage, we start debugging. We go thru the execution step by step, line by line to detect the pieces causing the problem.

STEP 5: Solution

We investigate possible solutions of the problem and identify which solution can work out the best and be in line with the rest of the program. Then we apply the solution.

STEP 6: Testing

We run tests to make sure the applied solution works as it was required. We run other tests to make sure the whole excel file works as before and we didn't break any other functionality.

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