The difference between XLSM and XLSB extensions in Excel

In this part I will explain about XLSB extension which is useful but many users are not aware of its benefits. As you know the default format for data which are stored in Excel is XLSL extension, and if your file includes VBA code or a macro it will be stored in XLSM format. There is another format in Excel for the files which include macro, named as XLSB, but is used rarely. In the following we will learn more about XLSB format and understand when it ought to be used.

Both XLSM and XLSB are in fact compressed files which you can open them in software such as WinRAR. Typically, XLSM format uses XLM to store the data, while XLSB includes a binary workbook which helps significantly to reduce the file size. Here we have discussed the main advantages and disadvantages of using XLSB compared to XLSM format. All in all, if you have a large and complex Excel file, you’d better to store it in XLSB format.

The advantages of XLSB over XLSM:

  • Excel will run the file faster
  • Much Smaller size in comparison with XLSM format

Disadvantage of XLSB format:

  • Not compatible with other Microsoft software such as Openoffice, etc.


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