Launch of, MS Office & G Suite Services

Congrats to BSUPERIOR SYSTEM team who are continuously working on our new website,, Custom Microsoft Office & G Suite Solutions. We already launched this website and continue our Excel and other services there. This website is a division of our BSUPERIOR family and proudly working with other BSUPERIOR divisions to serve the businesses in our community.

Why Separate Website?

These are the reasons that we made a decision to develop

Canadian Domain

Our current website,, is a dot com domain. Domains of dot com is commonly used throughout the blue planet and not necessarily specific to a location such as Canada. We decided to make our website more Canadian and emphasize on our presence in Canada. Therefore we chose a dot CA domain to represent that we are Canadian.

Not Just Vancouver includes “Vancouver” in its domain name. We started from Vancouver and originally provided services to businesses only in Vancouver. We grown up and cover other cities of Canada and already doing business in Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto. “Vancouver” might be misleading that we are targeting only Vancouver. We decided a new domain name which is not only limited to Vancouver.

Expansion of Services includes “Excel” in its domain name. The first service of BSUPERIOR SYSTEM was Excel customization and automation, and that’s why we decided to emphasize on our only service in our domain name. Since then, we expanded our services which is not limited to Excel, such as the automation of other MS Office products and G Suite. 

It’s the time to choose a domain name which represents all of our services. “Suites” in domain is plural of “Suite” which can be interpreted as a software suite or an application suite. Both Microsoft Office and G Suite are a collection of software or application suites. Therefore our new name is relevant to our services. 


Additionally, “B” in “BSuites” symbolize the name pattern used in the domain names of BSUPERIOR SYSTEM family, such as “B” in BSUPERIOR is the abbreviation of two words, “be” and “business”. Therefore, BSUPERIOR name represents both being superiority and business superior solutions.

Shorter Domain Name

A common advice from our user experience team is to be short, meaningful and simple. Our current domain name, “” is a little too long even though it’s meaningful about our main service, Excel. We came up with a shorter and simpler domain name. 

What is is a collection of services regarding the products of Microsoft Office and G Suite apps. A list of services is,

  • Excel Consultation and Automation:  We already offering Excel services such as consultation, automation and customization in our current website and will be continuing them in the new website.
  • Other services to be added soon.